We are the best choice if you are looking for quality and reliability!

Reliable quality

High quality basic materials and careful surface treatment are of key importance for us. We offer a huge selection, a reliable purchasing team, and professional engineers and artisans.

Thorough Work

We care to provide durable products with an aesthetic appearance. When purchasing basic materials, we are careful to procure top quality wood for the sake of perfect work.

Excellent artisans

Our team features craftsmen with years of experience. Tell them your ideas, and they will build the terrace or furniture of your dreams.





Wood Terraces

Design, construction or reconstruction of quality wood terraces.


Construction and reconstruction of indoor wall cladding.

Wood Floors

Construction of wood flooring in many various styles.

Manufacturing of Furniture

Design and manufacturing of furniture, based on specific needs.

Why choose us?

Careful Planning

To provide the best quality for our customers, every step is carefully planned. Thus, we are as cost-effective as possible.

Fast and Precise Work

Due to careful planning, our artisans work in a fast and precise way, always according to the needs of our customers.

Customized Pricing

As our company mainly deals with unique design, each of our customers receives customized price offers based on their needs. Due to our great selection, everyone will find the right solution matching their needs.


How we make wood terraces

We only use high quality basic materials, thus securing a hardwearing, stable structure. We will build the terrace of your dreams!

  • Decorative
  • Non-durable
  • Unique

We work with the best of the trade so that you should not have any concern but planning. Execution is done by professionals whose expertise is a guarantee for quality!

Natural effect, wooden panels

You do not need to give up your current home if you like authentic wooden houses. Wooden panels of a wide selection will provide the effect you wish for.

  • Hardwearing
  • Flexible
  • Aesthetic
  • High quality
  • Versatile
  • Varied
  • Natural
  • Atmospheric
  • Insulating
  • Practical

Warm home environment with wooden panels

Wooden panels are not only aesthetic, but also practical, due to the insulating qualities of wood.

Whether you prefer lighter tones or a darker, elegant style, you will surely find what is ideal for you!

  1. User-friendly, easy to fix
  2. Diverse, many types of wood available
  3. Practical, contributes to insulation

Manufacturing wooden furniture

If you wish to make your home unique, or you cannot find the ideal furniture, you are in the right place! Thanks to our excellent artisans, we produce custom-made furniture for each client.

  • Unique
  • High quality
  • Custom-made

Whether you need small shelves, tables or larger cupboards, we help you design the furniture of your dreams!

We only use quality basic materials, carefully selecting each piece and paying attention to every detail.

Fast and precise work

Reasonable prices



Fa terasz építés
Why choose wood?

Because of the ease of access, wood has been used in many areas for thousands of years. Due to the unique qualities of the thousands of wood types, the ones used for precise shaping are characterised by softness, while those used for construction are hard and long-wearing. Wood is an excellent choice: not only is it aesthetic, it is also natural, hardwearing, diverse and can be shaped freely. Due to its thermal insulation properties, it is widely used in the construction industry as envelopment, to cover floors and walls alike. When speaking of furniture, the first material that comes to everyone’s mind is wood, since it is the most widespread basic material in our industry.

fa terasz ára
Make your home more natural!

If you feel your home is not like it used to be, and you cannot relax after a tiring day, the reason might be your home lacking the atmosphere of nature. Modern furnishings are gaining popularity today, but let’s admit: an interior richly decorated with wood is much cosier, and provides more options and atmosphere for relaxation. The natural colour of wood is durable, and with the right forming, it can be lifelong. Wood is easy to shape, can always be revived with varnishing, and you can repaint it if you wish to change the style of your home. Wood is always a good choice!

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